What is live streaming and how is it beneficial?

Live streaming is the broadcasting of video content over the Internet as it happens. There is an increasing demand on live content simply because it lets users relate more closely and interact thus providing the grounds for creating a community.

We as humans feel a lot better by attending events and getting access to content that is otherwise unavailable. Companies that host online events find that it is easier to organize and keep a reasonable budget for such a great marketing tool to reach large audiences, promote user interaction, and get the benefit of higher return on investment.

Live streaming is that missing technology piece that allows your company to engage social networking. It makes your brand a lot more appealing, it provides a modern approach, and if mixed with the right tools such as real-time comments it can really boost brand awareness.

What kind of technology does live streaming need?

There are tools that have been designed to host video conferences and social networks now allow live streaming on the go. Such tools are great for individuals but fail to provide the necessary elements for a brand.

The number of attendees is too low for some tools. In order to really benefit from live streaming it needs to reach large audiences. You could plan on hosting many small events but it becomes more complex to organize and will require a lot more time from people speaking which could also represent more investment.

There is great value in a brand and solutions from social networks or generic tools will not only limit your audience but also fail o reflect a consistent look. To make your brand really stand out it is also needed to show it while people attend online events. This is usually not an option and will require in-house development.

If an in-house implementation is needed there are special requirements. Time will place constraints on development as you will need to follow the full software development process. The solution will not be immediate and you will have a product matching your brand but it could be too late to get a competitive advantage.

The more attendees you would like to have the beefier the hardware will need to be. Bandwidth for serving your content, processing power behind converting video sources or interacting with users, and additional reliable storage can add costs quite quickly negating cost effectiveness.

Krypto Livestream was designed with all those considerations. We can customize appearance to match your brand, host your own domain or host a subdomain on our main domain, support large audiences, and scale resources as they are needed. Please send us an email to support@kryptoforce.com so what we can schedule a time to plan an event and a strategy to reach your goals.